"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing" - Warren Buffett


Launching or repositioning a beverage brand is a very challenging task.  Having a great idea is certainly an excellent starting point, but history shows the success and failure of a concept is most often determined by the strategy, the execution and the team behind it. The principals at INOV8 have extensive experience in all aspects of the beverage business from concept development to production to marketing to distribution to organization structure. Their network of contacts in all these areas provides significant added value.

We have a unique approach with our clients, working closely with them on identifying and evaluating the best strategies and routes to market....and leaving the expensive, time-consuming process of generating useless presentation decks to others. We've included below a flow chart of the key steps you need to think about in developing your product.

We are pretty picky on clients. We only want to work with nice, smart people who have a cool idea, a strong work ethic and a passion for the business. If that doesn't describe you, please call someone else. And here's a free, helpful tip - if you're looking to get rich quick in beverages by launching a start-up, you'll have better odds of success if you respond to that email from the estranged niece of a Nigerian warlord and passing along your bank account number.


The key steps along the highway from your product idea to the store shelf.